With the CDC recommendation to use a non-medical cloth face covering as an additional public health measure, we have been making and distributing handmade masks in our community since the end of March. We still have a limited quantity available and would like to share them with our Mankato Farmers’ Market customers.

These 3-layer, handmade (not medical-grade), pleated face masks are sized for adults. There are two styles available – elastic ear loops or ties. The ear loop style is best for quick trips or brief interactions (easier on/off, little looser fit). The tie style is better for extended wear and prolonged interactions (more adjustable, better face seal). The tie style masks are also latex-free.

If you need a mask for personal use, send a message through the Contact Us page and specify the number and style (ear loops or ties) you need and we will respond with availability and arrange for pick up at the farmers’ market.

There are limited quantities of each style immediately available (prints will also vary each week) and will only be available while supplies last.  I will be taking a limited number of pre-orders each week to be added to a waiting list for as long as I have supplies available to make more, but I do all the production myself, so can only commit to a limited amount each week.  To keep production efficient, I am only making the adult-size, pleated style masks and am unable to provide fitted, filter-pocket, or child-size masks at this time.

There is no charge for these masks.